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“3 Quick and Dirty Proofs” We’re in a Spiritual Battle


3 Quick and Dirty Proofs We're in a Spiritual Battle (a week living in the Twilight Zone!)

Here are “3 quick and dirty” (and I do mean dirty–literally) stories that circulated in the news this week; proofs that aren’t just about one group disagreeing with another, not just about the right versus the left, conservative versus liberal–but a “real” SPIRITUAL BATTLE–good v…

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Conservative Media Censorship: Could “blockchain” technology be the savior from censorship for non-mainstream media outlets?

by Angeline Marie


As censorship of conservative viewpoints continues to increase, alternative media outlets and content producers clamor to find new ways to reach their audiences.  Could “blockchain” technology be the important key that opens the doorway to real, unhindered free speec…

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